Friday, 6 April 2012

MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick

Yesterday, MAC launched three collections: In Extra Dimension, Tres Cheek, and Reel Sexy. I managed to get one lipstick which is aptly named Reel Sexy. In the collection, there are three other lipsticks, four cremesheen glasses, four eyeshadow duos, four eye kohls, one Zoom Lash mascara, one mineralize skinfinish (the cult hit Lightscapade!), two blushes, and three nail lacquers.  Got all that?  Good!  It's a mouthful.

Now onto the review of Reel Sexy!

Applied, I would describe Reel Sexy as a light coral lipstick.  MAC describes it as a light bright coral lipstick with an amplified finish.

During application, I found that it was a little streaky at first but a second layer can clear that up.  Also, I did find some of the lipstick to settle in to fine lines.  The wear time of Reel Sexy lasted me about four hours.  After it finally gave out on me, my lips felt a little bit dry which is normal for me.  If your lips are not naturally dry, I do not think you will have a problem.  I just put on some lip balm after I removed the remainder of the lipstick and my lips are fine.  I'll probably put on a lip balm beforehand the next time I apply the lipstick and see if that makes a difference.

Reel Sexy swatched with natural lighting and no flash

Bottom line:  I think anyone can wear this lipstick but your mileage may vary.  Make sure to swatch first!  I do love the colour on me but the wear time could be longer.  It's Makeup Critic approved!

What did you grab from Reel Sexy?  Let me know in the comments!

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